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Sprach- und literaturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Korpuslinguistik und Morphologie

Automating the identification of meter and rhyme in Russian verse

Abstract zum Vortrag von David J. Birnbaum am 07.05.2013

There is a long quantitative metrical tradition in the study of Russian verse, where the historical development of meter and rhyme is deduced from examining the statistical distributions that emerge from a large diachronic corpus. These studies have often been performed in labor-intensive, error-prone ways, with scholars reading through the corpus and tallying the results manually. It is, however, possible to use computational tools to identify the meter and rhyme of much Russian poetry using input in normal Russian orthography. Because the complete works of most major nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russian poets are readily available in plain-text collections, this means that these collections can be converted automatically to tagged corpora, which can then be analyzed using well-established quantitative metrical methods. This presentation will discuss the development and implementation of a system that performs this type of automated identification of meter and rhyme in plain-text Russian verse.


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