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Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities - German in Multilingual Contexts

Materials - Overview

The menu buttons "Trainers" and "Teachers" take you to the respective download sections with materials.

For an overview of all materials, there is a handbook that explains the general concept behind the programme "The Many Sides of German" and the application of all units.

Additionally, materials for each unit contain individual chapters of the handbook as a separate PDF file that explains its application and the implementation of all files offered for the unit.

Move the mouse over the boxes for each unit to get a summary of goals and contents. Click the box to get to the download section for the unit and all its accompanying files.

The materials are arranged according to


  • Kindergarten
  • Primary schools
  • Secondary schools

Target group

  • Materials for trainers to be used in teachers’ continuing education
  • Materials for teachers to be used in school or kindergarten


As a basis of teacher training and classroom applications, materials can be used in different combinations. Three modules cover different key areas:

D1: Speakers
"I hear who you are." – Attitudes towards ways of speaking and speech communities

D2: Language Use
"Who speaks what?" – The repertoire of speakers

D3: Language System, Development, and Change
"What is German?" – The gamut of a language



Materials can be used in different phases of a teacher training or classroom application:



I. Motivation and exploration


II. Development and consolidation


III. Reflection and wrap-up



Use of all materials is free of charge. For legal reasons, you have to register before you can download the files. All materials and handbooks are in German (in addition, there are some adaptations for other countries under the menu item "… and more!") For additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.


Wiese, Heike; Mayr, Katharina; Krämer, Philipp; Seeger, Patrick; Müller, Hans-Georg & Freywald, Ulrike (2014). "Deutsch ist vielseitig - Handbuch für Trainer/innen". Materials for teachers' education programmes on linguistic diversity. University of Potsdam, Special Research Area "Information Structure", Project T1. Download portal: www.deutsch-ist-vielseitig.de