Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities - Corpus Linguistics and Morphology

journal of computing and cultural heritage

Authors, Titles & Abstracts

  • David Bamman, David Smith Classical Languages in a Million Books Library Abstract
  • Gerhard Heyer, Marco Buechler, Volker Boehlke, Charlotte Schubert Aspects of an Infrastructure for the Humanities Abstract
  • Hagen Hirschmann, Anke Lüdeling, Julia Richling, Amir Zeldes Measuring Syntactic Change: Underuse and Overuse Statistics in a Multilayer Historical Corpus of German. Abstract
  • Anthony Kroch
  • David Mimno, Greg Crane Computational Historiography: Classics in the 20th Century Abstract

Abstracts due: February 15, 2010
Papers due: May 31, 2010