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The research focus of the group is on real-time context effects in language comprehension across the lifespan (in children, young, and older adults). We examine visual context effects as well as linguistic context effects. We are interested in how rapidly comprehenders can exploit different contextual cues (e.g., using eye tracking or event-related brain potentials) but also in protracted context effects (e.g., as revealed in post-experiment comprehension and memory test scores).


Specific research foci:

Language processing in relation to

  • (past and future) events,
  • the emotional, spatial, and social context
  • visual perception, including perception of objects, events, speakers, and the social context (e.g., visual gender cues, eye gaze, facial expressions)


Within these topics, we examine how language processing manifests itself across the lifespan (i.e., in young and older adults and in children) and we have an interest in how contextual information can benefit both language processing and learning.


You can find our publications here.



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