Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities - German in Multilingual Contexts


German in Namibia (DNam)

The corpus "German in Namibia" ("Deutsch in Namibia" –DNam) was created from 2016-2021, in the DFG project "NamDeutsch: Die Dynamik des Deutschen im mehrsprachigen Kontext Namibias" ("NamDeutsch: The Dynamics of German in Namibia's Multilingual Context"; WI 2155/9-1 and SI 750/4-1; PIs: Heike Wiese and Horst Simon in cooperation with Marianne Zappen-Thomson) at the University of Potsdam (until 2019) and at HU Berlin (since 2019), at the FU Berlin, and at UNAM Windhoek. The corpus documents language use in formal and informal situations and language attitudes within the German minority community in Namibia. Data is available as audio data with aligned and annotated transcriptions, supplemented by metadata on the speakers (biographical data, information on language competence and language use, etc.).

The KiezDeutsch-Korpus

The KiezDeutsch-Korpus (KiDKo) has been developed by project B6 (PI: Heike Wiese) of the collaborative research centre Information Structure (SFB 632) at the University of Potsdam from 2008 to 2015. KiDKo provides data on Kiezdeutsch, including conversations among adolescents, graffiti, and contributions to the public discussion on Kiezdeutsch, plus three supplementary corpora with spoken and written text productions.

RUEG Corpus

RUEG corpus contains parallel, yet naturalistic data from bilingual and monolingual speakers in English, German, Greek, Russian and Turkish. It supports systematic comparisons across languages, countries, heritage and majority language contexts, mono- vs. bilingual speaker groups, age groups and communicative situations (formal and informal, spoken and written). The corpus is being developed since 2018 within the context of the research unit "Emerging Grammars in Language-Contact Situations" (speaker: Heike Wiese, Humboldt University of Berlin). It was created to identify and compare nonstandard phenomena in different language contact constellations. The Corpus is available via open access.