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Use of "Deutsch ist vielseitig" materials in school books


New edition for the sixth form "Schroedel Abitur III" in the chapter "Reflexion über Sprache und Sprachgebrauch"

Schroedel Abitur - Edition for North Rhine-Westphalia: "Abitur 2018 Deutsch: Schülerpaket Leistungskurs"

Media reports on "Deutsch ist vielseitig" materials

„Fachbrief Nr. 20 - Durchgängige Sprachbildung / Deutsch als Zweitsprache“. Ed. Berlin Senate for Education, Youth and Science.

„German is versatile“ - report in "Magazin Sprache", Goethe-Institute.

DiV-Materials for other countries


English language materials, adapted to the linguistic situation of Cameroon.
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Some units contain examples from Austria, for instance the "Dialect Test".
For other materials, it can be useful to add linguistic examples that illustrate the specific linguistic situation of Austria.

„Deutsch ist nicht gleich Deutsch – Paese che vai, tedesco che trovi“

Author: Silvia Hofer

Materials by other groups


English language materials on "Multicultural London English" for school teaching, developed at Queen Mary University of London by Jenny Cheshire and Colleagues.


There are also some interesting materials for teacher education and school with a focus on Austrian German, developed at the University of Vienna:

„(Österreichisches) Deutsch als Unterrichts- und Bildungssprache“
Authors: Alexander Burka, Rudolf de Cillia, Jakob Ebner, Ilona Elisabeth Fink, Dagmar Gilly, Andrea Moser-Pacher, Jutta Ransmayr, Hannes Schweiger, Gerti Zhao-Heissenberger