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Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities - German in Multilingual Contexts


Use of all materials is free of charge. For legal reasons, you have to register before you can download the files. All materials and handbooks are in German (in addition, there are some adaptations for other countries under the menu item "… and more!") For additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Warming Up You are what you speak

Ball Contacts 1

A New School

Stereotype Recognition

Linguistic Landscapes (Primary School, Secondary School)

Language Situations

Lingi the Stork (Kindergarten, Primary School)

Dialect Test

News Speech Analysis

Transition Pitfalls / Myths about Language

Ball Contacts 3


Ball Contacts 2

Whisper Down the Lane

Multilingualism Circle


Lexicon in Change

Transition Pitfalls / Myths about Language
III The Expert's Eye

If you have trouble accessing the materials, please contact Fynn Dobler (doblerfy@hu-berlin.de). He is looking forward to helping you.