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Research Unit "Emerging Grammars in Language Contact Situations: A Comparative Approach"

RUEG 1 (2018-2021) consisted of eight projects (see left) investigating a shared overarching research question:

What is the status of noncanonical phenomena in heritage speakers’ two languages from the perspective of emerging grammars?

Speaker: Heike Wiese; vice speaker: Artemis Alexiadou;
Further PIs: Shanley Allen, Natalia Gagarina, Anke Lüdeling, Christoph Schroeder, Luka Szucsich, Rosemarie Tracy, Sabine Zerbian
Mercator fellows: Maria Polinsky, Shana Poplack


RUEG2 (2021-2024) consists of seven projects (see left) investigating a shared overarching research question:

What are the linguistic dynamics in heritage speakers’ repertoires?

Speaker: Heike Wiese; vice speaker: Shanley Allen;
Further PIs: Artemis Alexiadou, Oliver Bunk, Natalia Gagarina, Mareike Keller, Anke Lüdeling, Judith Purkarthofer, Christoph Schroeder, Anna Shadrova, Luka Szucsich, Rosemarie Tracy, Sabine Zerbian
Mercator fellows: Cristina Flores, Jeanine Treffers-Daller

Open access: RUEG Corpus

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    All our resources are open! We are happy to announce the first public release of our corpus. The publication to cite is https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3236068. This URL will always point to the latest release of the RUEG corpus, so it is easy to cite the most recent corpus version even before its release.

Open access: RUEG Methods


Our research is based on a shared set-up, "Language Situations", suitable to elicit comparable, yet naturalistic productions across formal and informal, spoken and written registers. There is open access to all RUEG instruments like stimula, elicitation order and training clip.


RUEG on the Linguistic Future of Europe

Natalia Gagarina, Luka Szucsich, and Heike Wiese talk about the Linguistic Future of Europe at the European Commission's panel discussion on the occasion of the European Language Day.


Three more years for RUEG

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    RUEG is among five research units to receive funding for a second phase from the German Research Foundation! RUEG2 will start in April 2021 with six projects, led by speaker Heike Wiese and vice-speaker Shanley Allen. [German Press Release]

7 Punkte zur Sprache [bringen]


Comic artist Erzaehlmirnix and research group RUEG cooperate on a poster series about linguistic myths and language use in a humurous way.
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Medienstation "Kiezdeutsch"

RUEG coordinator Pia Linscheid at the MedienstationOn July 20, Humboldt Forum finally opened its doors. Visit RUEG's Media Station "Kiezdeutsch" at the Humboldt Lab’s inaugural exhibition "After Nature".


Deutschpflicht auf dem Schulhof?


Heike Wiese, Rosemarie Tracy and Anke Sennema summarise the arguments against compulsory German in the schoolyard in a book with the title: "Deutschpflicht auf dem Schulhof?: Warum wir Mehrsprachigkeit brauchen", published by Duden-Verlag (2020).


The Research Unit is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) – Project number: 39482131.

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