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Young linguists in a variety of media formats (Annika Labrenz, Serkan Yüksel, Irem Duman, and Oliver Bunk) 


Newspapers and magazines


Newspapers and magazines
Matthias Heyde
Heike Wiese in HUMBOLDT article, © Matthias Heye

  • "Petition calls for more language diversity on Berlin's capital city portal", Der Tagesspiegel, November 2020
  • "Compulsory German in the schoolyard is 'nonsense'", Interview Heike Wiese with epd, September 2020 (de)
  • "We can understand each other - if we want to", Interview with Heike Wiese. Geneviève Hesse, Die Kirche, May 2020
  • "Fascinating multilingualism", Interview with RUEG speaker Heike Wiese on "double semilingualism" and other myths. Liljana Nikolic, HUMBOLDT, ed. 3, 2018/2019 (de)
  • "Grammatical combiners -Linguists study language changes with bilingual people",
    report on RUEG's research by Daniel Völpel, Forschung Leben, Nr. 10, May 2018 (de)
  • "We can reclaim concepts", Interview with Heike Wiese. Marie Gamillscheg, ZEIT Campus Nr. 1/2019 (de)
  • "We are pretending to be a monolingual country", Interview with Heike Wiese. Katja Belousova, Die Welt, (de)


Annika R1
Annika Labrenz, © radioeins

  • "How language adapts to the people", Interview with RUEG PhD student Annika Labrenz (Pd). Sophia Wetzke, 3 October, 2019, radioeins.de
  • "Children speak very differently in the school yard and in class", Interview with Heike Wiese in Deutschlandfunk on new book "Deutschpflicht auf dem Schulhof?" (Link externe Leseprobe)



podcast urban2

Maybachufer market recording with Urban Political's Markus Kip

  • Podcast "Future Tongues" - 2
    Aaron Zhu and Heike Wiese about Kiezdeutsch
  • Urban Political Podcast - 10
    "In a city, the idea of 'standard language' falls apart." Linguistic researchers explain how urban space becomes a vital part of our ability to communicate in multilingual contexts. Maybachufer market recording with Urban Political's Markus Kip (the Georg-Simmel-Center for Metropolitan Studies at Humboldt University in Berlin), together with Serkan Yüzel and lrem Duman (both Uni Potsdam), RUEG PhD student Oliver Bunk and RUEG speaker Heike Wiese.


Heike Wiese commenting on Kiezdeutsch © ZDF