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Invited talks and roundtable discussions

Brehmer, Bernhard (Uni Greifswald). Case as an (in)vulnerable domain in heritage language grammars? Some observations from a longitudinal study on heritage Russian and Polish in. 5.11.18, Berlin.

Frey, Werner (ZAS Berlin). Unterschiedliches kommt unterschiedlich an den rechten Rand. 27.11.19, Berlin.

Heller, Monica (University of Toronto). Mobilities and moorings: the construction of "francophone Canada". 16.09.19, Berlin.

Hinrichs, Lars (The University of Texas at Austin). The Bell Tolls for Whom: Variationist and Text-Linguistic Approaches to the Retreat of a Pronoun. 15.05.19, Berlin.

Hunt, Jaime (University of Newcastle, Australia). Mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut: German as a Heritage Language in Newcastle, Australia. 04.07.19, Potsdam.

Keller, Mareike (Uni Mannheim). Idioms and collocations in code-switching – clues to bilingual processing. Mannheim 2.-4.4.19

Keskin, Cem (FU Berlin). Cascading Language Collapse: Consequences of Assimilationist Policies. 13.06.19, Berlin

Kornfilt, Jaklin (Syracuse University). Pseudo-Noun Incorporation versus Noun Incorporation in Turkish Subextraction. 11 December 2019, Potsdam.

Stolberg, Doris (IDS Mannheim). Heritage Language Islands. – Invited talk as part of the lecture "Types of Language Acquisition: Differences and Similarities" (Prof. Dr. Tracy). March 2019, Mannheim.

Stolberg, Doris (IDS Mannheim). Pennsylvania German: A historicial heritage language in contact with English. Invited talk as part of the lecture "Heritage Language". October 2018, Mannheim.

Treffers-Daller, Jeanine (University of Reading). Code-switching. Invited talk. 03.04.19, Mannheim.



RUEG summer school

DSC 1123web
Coordinator Esther Jahns (right) at RUEG summer school

The RUEG summer school took place at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin from

August 12-16, 2019


Language Contact: Yaron Matras, University of Manchester

Language Acquisition (L1): Natalia Gagarina, ZAS Berlin

Language Acquisition (L2): Christoph Schroeder, Universität Potsdam

Corpus Linguistics: Hagen Hirschmann, Humboldt-Uni zu Berlin

Heritage Languages: Cristina Flores, Universidade do Minho

Register: Douglas Biber, Northern Arizona University




Visiting Researchers


Gülümser Efeoğlu, Jaime Hunt and Mehmet T. Öncü at RUEG in Berlin


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Bilinguals Bimonthly Bulletin Board

Bimonthly newsletter on RUEG activities and topics

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RUEG retreats

Photo: Wintai Tsehaye

Reaching new heights near in Frankenstein near Kaiserslautern

Language Situations (June 2018, Potsdam, organised by project Pd)

Transcription and Annotation (September 2018, Berlin, organised by project Pd)

Code-Switching (April 2019, Mannheim, organised by project P4)

Word Order (September 2019, Berlin, organised by projects P2, P5 and P6)

Registers (September 2019, Berlin, organised by projects P1 and P4)

Nominal Structure (December 2019, Kaiserslautern/Frankenstein, organised by projects P1, P2, and P3)

Discourse Phenomena (March 2020, Hamburg, organised by projects P5 and P6)

Clause Combining (October 2020, Potsdam, organised by project P4)


Kick-off Retreat (April 2021, online, organised by project PZ)

Autumn Retreat (October 2021, Frankenstein, organised by projects P9, PZ)

Spring Retreat (April 2022, Eggersdorf, organised by project PZ)

Autumn Retreat (October 2022, Berlin, organised by project PZ)

Spring Retreat (March 2023, Essen)

Shanley Allen (P2) at Nominal Structure retreat near Kaiserslautern





RUEG-related BA and MA theses

Blanca Bilić: MA thesis on heritage Croatian in Germany, supervised by C. Schroeder

Marlene Böttcher: BA thesis on Stressed pronouns in English, supervised by S. Zerbian

Danielle Maier: MA thesis on Alignment of prenuclear rises in dominant English by heritage speakers of Greek, supervised by S. Zerbian

Yulia Ivashchyk: MA thesis on Word order in Heritage Russian, supervised by S. Zerbian

Arberi Veselaj: MA thesis on Language usage of Heritage Albanian speakers in German, supervised by H. Wiese and A. Alexiadou

Alina Wandrei: BA thesis on Heritage Russian in Germany, supervised by S. Zerbian






New Perspectives on Emerging Grammars, Variation and Change