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02/21 | New faces, new projects

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Visiting researcher Yaron Matras
RUEG @ Humboldt Labor
Changes in RUEG‘s coordination project Z
Two new German books for the bedside table

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01/21 | Special edition - RUEG conference with book of abstracts


Book of Abstracts
Cartoon news

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02/20 | From our homeoffices

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RUEG workshop at DGfS 2020 conference
Pentecost - A celebration of multilingualism
RUEG conference 2021 - Call for Papers
Live poetry on three continents

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01/20 | Mother Language Day
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Mother Language Day
Networking with LUD
Short film series "First Findings"
Cartoon news

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05/19 | Nikolaus

St.-Nicholas-edition 2019
From Berlin and Kaiserslautern
Editorial “Retreat“
Recording RUEG
Filming RUEG
Visiting Researchers
Cartoon news

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04/19 | August

Sonderausgabe RUEG summer school
Editorial “First graders and the tabloids“
RUEG summer school
RUEG at AIM Bildungskonferenz in Heilbronn
The next generation: RUEG at the International Symposium on Bilingualism in Alberta, Canada

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03/19 | June

Sonderausgabe Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften
Editorial “Hausvogteiplatz“
Discussion game “Turkish or French“
RERA - the register wheel of fortune
Martin Klotz (Pd-Corps) from Berlin
Climate Wednesdays

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02/19 | March-April

Editorial “‘They speak other languages. They must speak about me’“
RUEG summer school
Esther Jahns, RUEG coordinator
Moving RUEG
Multilingual Cities Movement

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01/19 | January

Editorial - Nikolaus
Filming in Potsdam
Tatiana Pashkova (RUEG P2) from Kaiserslautern
Climate Protection
Moving to Berlin
Dates for 2019

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