Sprach- und literaturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Korpuslinguistik und Morphologie


Hello officers, I am going to report the accident of 26th street in Germany. i was walking to the grocery store, it was the 20th of September, about four pm, and it was sunny. there were five people in the situation. The first one was a man. he was wearing a white t-shirt, he had short brown hair, and he was dribbling a grey soccer ball. The second person was a woman who was pushing a stroller, she was along side the man. The third person was a woman who was putting away groceries (across the street from the man). she had her dog (black and white, curly fur), next to her. the fourth and fifth people were the two drivers. Now i will describe the situation. The man with the soccer ball was dribbling it, when he dropped the ball. The dog near te woman saw the ball and ran towards it. The first car (blue, small, liscence plate 24665) abruptly stopped to not hurt the dog and man, whilst doing this, the second car (white, small), crashed into the first car. evryone was okay, but the blue car's back was smushed by the white car. thank you officers.